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Today, energy is what drives the world. We understand that a new technology must be efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Power converters

Micro Innovations specializes in the research and development of power converters. We can develop converters from as small as 1kW to as high as 100kW and more. We have experience in drive systems for simulators and high speed flywheels.

We have developed power converters for renewable energy, up to 100kw grid connected.

We also have considerable experience in power supplies for plasma and laser applications.

Plasma and High Voltage

We have developed power converters for plasma application and we can develop power converters that will exceed you needs.

We have built systems which uses Dielectric Barrier Discharge, Arc discharge, plasma jet and thermal plasma.

We can design and fabricate custom high voltage feedthrough for pressure and vaccum applications.


Micro innovations has considerable equipment like precision lates, milling machines, oscilloscopes and power supplies to name a few. If components are too big or too complex to handle, we manufacture the component outside our labs in well established facilities.

We can design and fabricate and test power converters to more than 100kW, grid connected or stand alone.
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