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Micro Innovations has been providing unique solutions in the energy sector for more than seven years. We develop technologies, on a smaller scale, that allow our customers to bring their concepts to market quickly and efficiently. Micro Innovations has earned the reputation of getting results.

We have considerable experience in development of power converters for renewable energy and plasma industry. We have worked on the development of converters ranging from 1kW to 100kW which are currently in use at different locations in Canada. We have also developed special drives for simulators and high speed flywheels for energy storage.

Plasma energy is a growing technology and we have acquired considerable experience in this field. We have been directly involved in the development of dissociation of natural gas from plasma, into hydrogen and solid carbon without producing greenhouse gases. By working with explosive gases and high voltages, we have acquired valuable experience in application of safety codes and will considerably accelerate development of a new technology.
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